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Welcome to my site! My name is Jill. I’m the mother of 2 handsome boys, leader of the most amazing team at a healthcare organization, blessed to have an incredible man by my side and now I’m even more spOILed! Here’s how:

In 2016, it finally hit me that I needed to take care of myself not only for the sake of my own health and well-being, but for my family. I worked too much, busy with my kids’ sports schedules, had a home to take care of, was stressed out, not sleeping well, gaining weight, eating horribly and overall just not happy…some days an emotional mess! I realized when someone finally asked me, “What do you do for self care?” and I laughed saying, “I don’t”, that it really wasn’t a laughing matter. I had a decision to make…..

I chose ME! Which in the big picture means I chose my family too because my health and well-being affected theirs.

Setting Boundaries

I had to start with setting boundaries. Saying, “No” just wasn’t in my vocabulary and that was part of my problem. I always felt obligated to take on the world. Sound familiar? Here are some of the boundaries I began to put in place:

  • Putting my family first instead of work.
  • Volunteering for 1-2 projects, positions or events at a time instead of all of them.
  • When deciding if I can do something my first question to myself is, “How will this affect my home routine and family schedule”?
  • Owning my work calendar – not allowing others to overtake my day with too many meetings by putting in blocks of time for simple, but important tasks like email, projects I need to dedicate time to and even lunch.

This put me back in control and took away that “puppet” feeling.

The Power of Essential Oils

The funny thing is…. I had used Young Living Essential Oils in the past and didn’t even know it. My employee gave me a lemon/eucalyptus concoction on a cotton ball for my sinus headache one day after hearing me complain about my symptoms (or maybe she was tired of me being grouchy lol). It was shocking how quickly, within minutes, the oils worked to ease my sinus pressure and promote the drainage of gunk. I loved it and the aroma!

As time went on I would often ask my employee to make me the concoction when I couldn’t bare the pressure and refused to take over the counter or prescription medicine. She told me I should just buy my own, but I couldn’t buy from her (since she was my employee) and life just went on.

Sometime later, a friend of mine began using Young Living. I saw all the great benefits her family were obtaining from the use of Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils. I asked her about the eucalyptus and lemon for my sinus headaches. After a lengthy, educational discussion I knew it was time to take the plunge. I started with purchasing a premium starter kit and the rest is history. I finally found an all-natural remedy to my health and wellness in so many ways.

To read more about the power of essential oils in my life, click HERE!

Clean Eating

Next was how I eat and what I eat. Changing eating habits can be hard. It was spring time making it much easier with all the fresh produce available. I started with actually incorporating some sort of breakfast in the form of a smoothie containing oatmeal, flax seed, chia seed, Ningxia Red, banana, spinach, kale, berries and essential oils from Young Living’s Vitality line into my daily routine.

Sunday meal prep was huge for me. It allowed me to spend some dedicated time to plan my healthy meals and save time during the week. It took the guessing out of what to pack in my lunch and the usual question to the kids of “What do you want for dinner tonight”?

We went from a ton of food with preservatives to organic, fresh food that allowed us to incorporate oils into our cooking. Lemon Vitality on our baked salmon, Basil Vitality in our bruschetta, making a tea with Copaiba and Lemon Vitality, Peppermint Vitality in the kids’ hot chocolate, and Orange, Lemon or Lime Vitality in my beer on a hot summer day…refreshing! This was just the start!

Clean Living

With the change in how we handled our health and eating habits came also a change in how we lived. When I think of clean living it brings to mind all of the chemicals I have chosen to remove our daily lives. The Thieves line from Young Living has been a critical change I made that impacted our lives greatly. I re-homed all of our household cleaners and replaced them with only one, Thieves Household Cleaner. I switched from dryer sheets to wool dryer balls and Lavender essential oil. We use the Thieves product line for so many different aspects of life including our oral healthcare and a little Orange Vitality which assists naturally in whitening our pearly whites.

Yoga. Yup, I’m a Yogi and spOILed!

Oils in the diffuser and Yoga = a complete relaxation euphoria!

Call it what you want – granola, hippee, crazy, or whatever….but I call it healthy, happy, and spOILed! I thank therapeutic-grade essential oils everyday and the people who introduced me to them. I feel obligated to pass on what I have learned and share their power with anyone interested in learning.  Get a glimpse of essential oils and their goodness by browsing this site.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  You can also connect with me on Facebook and Instagram.

Remember… You are destined to be spOILed too! Just chose YOU! Thank you for visiting!

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