Order Oils

Young Living has two ways to order their amazing therapeutic grade essential oils. With several starter kits to choose from, I suggest enrolling with the Premium Starter Kit. It is the most cost-effective way to start using oils, giving you enough variety to allow you to feel the benefit. You will also get a wholesale membership at the same time, saving you 24% off retail prices!  Click HERE to order, or continue reading for more info.

Dew Drop Premium Starter Kit

The Young Living Premium Starter Kit comes with 11 oils, your choice of a diffuser, a wholesale membership (save 24% on every order), and if you enroll with me below, I will also send you my favorite citrus vitality essential oil, essential oil bottle labels, and access to The Oil Pipeline (a private website and resources center) as a thank you for starting your oil journey with me. As a member, you do not have to promote or sell essential oils. You will simply enjoy lower prices on the oily goodness for you and your family!


Please note this is the Premium Starter Kit sold in the United States.  Oils may be substituted due to supply constraints.  Premium Starter Kits purchased in other countries may receive different oils.